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The Application of Flow Analysis to DC3 and Coverage Compliance


This research will focus on two issues: (1) definition of, and methodologies for compliance with, data and control coupling requirements, and (2) development of new, and improvement of existing, flow analysis techniques. DO-178B defines component, control coupling, and data coupling, and requires that structural coverage analysis confirm the data coupling and control coupling between code components (DC3 requirement) for software levels AC. Principles of DC3, however, are not well defined or well understood. We will seek to develop a set of consistent, well-defined guidelines that can be applied across all future airborne software projects to satisfy DC3. With these guidelines, we will work to develop cost-effective methodologies to measure compliance with DC3. Structural coverage techniques require various types of flow analysis of a program. Studies have shown that existing flow analysis techniques are effective in revealing program faults, but existing techniques are slow and inefficient. We will investigate ways to provide efficient and effective flow analysis. Our focus will be on analysis techniques for identifying requirements for testing, generating test data to satisfy these requirements, and measuring compliance with these requirements.



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